THE HARTMAN + MAJEWSKI DESIGN GROUP (H+M Design Group) is a full service Architecture, Planning, Engineering, and Interior Design consulting firm located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. At the H+M Design Group, our hearts and minds are focused on making a positive impact. Our practice evolved from a core team of one of the most respected architectural and engineering firms in our region. We offer our clients a shared commitment to design excellence, technical expertise and meticulous project management. Our mission – serving each client to design inspiring places – is our focus. Our success as an ideas-based firm, specializing in superior service, is evidenced by our valued repeat clients.

The H+M Design Group specializes in community development and architectural revitalization efforts throughout the southwest. We have developed expertise in multi-family and senior housing, hospitality, government, healthcare, civic, commercial and education projects. All of our projects incorporate sustainable design principles. Architecture is a transitional process and we enjoy living the transition every day. Our choice to locate our offices within a historic Albuquerque neighborhood is intentional. The re-adapted use of our building demonstrates to our clients the potential and inherent value of revitalization.

Our involvement in the revitalization of neighborhoods across our city and our state, as professionals and volunteers, has enriched our lives as well as our community. We enjoyed adapting Albuquerque’s historic post office into the first public school in downtown Albuquerque since World War II. We have helped transform decimated blocks into vibrant urban mixed-use neighborhoods. We have designed essential public service facilities for our communities.

Being good listeners and problem solvers have ensured that we are living our vision statement: Creating relationships and communities that endure.