Based on rapidly expanding oil and natural gas developments in the Delaware Basin of New Mexico and Texas, Chevron Corporation significantly outgrew their existing facilities in the region. H+Mdg was asked to provide rapid design services for an office that can accommodate approximately 120 employees, and a space that can serve as a gathering facility for the company’s weekly field staff meetings. Our experience with the local permitting process enabled us to complete the requested tasks in less than 16 weeks, allowing the owner to proceed into bidding and construction as expected.

Chevron’s new field office in Carlsbad is the premier workplace in the Industrial Park area of town. It offers a mix of enclosed and open office spaces, conference rooms, breakrooms, workrooms, and adequately sized storage spaces on two levels. The building is equipped with an appropriately sized passenger elevator and the latest telecommunications components. A large sub-dividable 120 person gathering space, furnished with projectors and interactive screens, allows the owner to conduct weekly in-person and remotely connected crew briefings.

In addition to the main office in Carlsbad, H+Mdg had an opportunity to design two 60-person satellite offices with associated repair and maintenance structures. Each one of these projects required strict adherence to the owner driven schedule, and solid understanding of how various trades utilize those spaces. H+Mdg’s team took pride in providing creative, efficient, and durable design solutions, while respecting the owner’s utilitarian mindset. Our disciplined design approach and timely deliveries allowed the owner to occupy their new facilities and to grow production capabilities as expected.

Square Feet: 27,480 

Constriction Cost: Undisclosed

Exterior view of the Chevron Field Office in the evening with exterior lights on. Outside view of the Chevron Field Office with exterior and interior lights on. Front view of the Chevron Field Office in the daytime. Exterior view of the Chevron Field Office with rows of windows with interior lights on. The exterior angle of the Chevron Field Office corner with interior lights on. A close-up view of the exterior corner view of the Chevron Field Office with interior lights on shining through the rows of windows. A well-lit-up view of the side entrance of the Chevron Field Office with a window wall showing the well-lit-up interior of the inside of the building. angle shot of a large room with two separate groups of tables and chairs pointing toward a large white screen and a projector hanging from the ceiling. Four rows of desks neatly lined up with grey chairs tucked in under the desks. Employee eating room with four tables and green chairs. Interior office with a desk and chair sitting in front of a large window. Two rows of cubicles with grey walls and light wooden desks with gray and blue chairs tucked in. Well lit up hallway with offices on each side.



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