Max Salazar is an existing 5-story, 90,000 square foot classroom building located on the Main Campus of Central New Mexico Community College. The project program included abandoning the existing physical plant area on the ground floor and penthouse and relocating these areas to a new standalone building. New high efficiency mechanical equipment and controls replaced the original 25-year-old equipment to provide energy saving opportunities while reducing and avoiding labor and material costs associated with maintaining older equipment. In keeping with the CNM Campus as a Living Lab mission, the project offered the opportunity to celebrate a typically undynamic program and make it a featured architectural expression along an active pedestrian path on campus. The general public and specifically students are invited to walk by and experience the systems that make all buildings function. This interaction sparks curiosity and interest in learning the technical job skills that are necessary in the current work environment

Square Feet: 1,067
Construction Cost: $4,525,000



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