This one-of-a-kind development at the north end of the Zoo showcases diverse landscapes, ranging from lush Indonesian forests to the slopes Himalayan mountains. The exhibit features environmentally responsible design through renewable energy sources, passive ventilation, sustainable materials, water reclamation, stormwater management, and LEED-inspired strategies. A unique connectivity among several animal habitats allows the keepers exceptional flexibility of shifting animals daily, which in turn should enhance the quality of life of these highly intelligent inhabitants.  

Our team, comprised of Zoo designers, landscape architects, architects, and numerous engineers has worked diligently on coordinating an extremely complex web of support infrastructure, artificial rockwork, animal enrichment elements, and visitor experience interpretive components to bring this magical world into existence. What once was a sleepy cottonwood growth at the north end of the Zoo, is now one of its most active environments allowing the wild great apes and humans alike to brachiate through this artificial jungle, tigers and snow leopards to roam around much more spacious exhibits, and the sea eagles to soar to their nest. 

Size of Project: 4.5-acre development with 14,500+ square feet of structures 

Cost: $30,000,000 

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