Originally built in 1957 and located in the University Heights neighborhood, the building was a vacant mid-century office building in need of an extreme makeover. The Design Group (DG) chose this building for its strong mixed use neighborhood location, potential for a meaningful sustainable design, adjacent alternate transportation options, energy efficiency and day lighting potentials and flexible space.

Initially planned as a partial remodel, further engineering studies identified serious deficiencies that required wholesale replacement of all mechanical, plumbing and electrical systems. DG replaced the roof, storefronts and all interior finishes, added insulation on top of the roof and opened up the ceiling facilitated accessible power. Lighting and data were upgraded in all major areas.

With the addition of a new entry and elevator core, new glazing and green interiors throughout, the building has been transformed into a 14,000 square foot, state of the art studio and conference center. The work studios glow with controlled natural light and LED lamps throughout. Adjustable stand-up/sit down desks relieves physical stress from sitting too long in one position. Other features include new PV rooftop panels that supply over 30% of our electrical energy needs and cisterns that harvest roof water for irrigation. The Design Group Headquarters is a LEED Platinum certified building.

Square Feet: 14,000
Construction Cost: $2,100,000





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