Combining three undersized and outdated medical campuses into one, the new Hidalgo Medical Services facility has been designed to be a state-of-the-art clinic for Silver City. The resultant medical campus is an anchor development for the revitalization of the center of the city, enhancing the existing and proposed streetscape in the downtown area. Organized around a central atrium space, the 30,000 square feet two-story clinic includes medical, dental, and behavioral health services, community meeting rooms and demonstration kitchen, and residential quarters for visiting medical students and faculty. It provides an integrated, patient centered community healing environment for the citizens of Silver City and Hidalgo County.

Challenges included providing design excellence while effectively utilizing and managing designated federal, state and local grant monies with specific caps and timetables for completion. Additional design challenges included carefully developing a tight, urban site situated next to Silva Creek. With expansive soils and partially within a 100 year flood plain, creative design and construction solutions were utilized to both preserve the site’s environment and to obtain required regulatory approvals.

Successes included establishing and managing an appropriate funding contingency during the entire project. This resulted in the provision of desired functional enhancements for the client including the late addition of an emergency generator, and desired aesthetic enhancements including colored glazing and an extension of shaded areas at the atrium entrances. Consolidation of clinics and compact design has created increased collaboration among medical personnel, ultimately benefitting the HMS patient population.

Construction was completed in December of 2012.

Square Feet: 30,000
Construction Cost: $7,704,767

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