Lovelace Las Estancias Clinic is the southernmost health clinic in the City of Albuquerque. The clinic provides modern, convenient healthcare to an under served community. The developer’s vision was to create a multi-modal service hub near Coors Boulevard, providing an easy access, safe environment for various communal needs, ranging from shopping and entertainment, to specialized healthcare assistance. The brand new 18,000 sf building shell houses six separate rentable suites, three of which were initially rented by Lovelace Health System.

The new clinic was designed to maximize exam and procedure rooms around two centrally located nurses’ stations. Evidence Based Design principles were used to create an environment that is comforting to patients, staff and visitors of the facility. Natural light washes the entire waiting area and guides users down the two main circulation hallways, while each of the nurses’ stations receives additional daylight from strategically placed solatube wells. Evidence proves that keeping the patients, family and staff comfortable and connected to natural light and nature can improve health outcomes. Durable and vibrant interior materials were selected for the project to serve its practical purpose and to enhance a non-institutional appearance.

Square Feet: 18, 257

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