The New Mexico State Police District 1 Facility embodies a unique blend of security and community accessibility.  Following the success of D7 Headquarters in Espanola, H+Mdg was tasked with designing a new facility to relocate and replace D1 Headquarters in Santa Fe, NM.  Strategically leveraging the site’s incline, the new two-story structure nestles into the hill, seamlessly separating public and staff areas, enhancing operational efficiency while prioritizing security. 

Taking advantage of the site’s steep topography, the design maximizes views, privacy, and separate access to two levels. Retaining elements are integrated, and a terrain-informed design, coupled with natural daylight orientation, prioritizes energy efficiency and sustainability. The building now houses functions for District 1 Facility and the Fingerprinting Department under a single roof.  Administration areas, locker rooms, staff lounge, interview rooms, investigation suite, squad room, sally port, booking and holding areas, and secured parking are included. Strategic glazing and high clerestory windows prioritize the comfort, security, and safety of uniformed staff, promoting abundant natural light. The streamlined circulation and flexible open layout create a collaborative environment. Careful massing and articulation ensure the building complements the existing campus, offering increased security while visually inviting the community. 

Square Feet: 15,000

Cost: $9,800,000

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