The Presbyterian Clinic at San Mateo was an outpatient facility in need of a modern refresh, located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The project scope consisted of demolishing their two main interior core spaces to create more exam rooms and offices while also creating meeting hubs for the staff to gather, balancing meeting spaces with offices that provide needed privacy.   The design of this project started shortly before the pandemic, giving us an opportunity to plan and strategize how to design for health and safety while mitigating disease spread within the facility.  To balance employee and patient comfort, we opened their check-in area to beautiful mountain views and daylight while simultaneously improving security, safety, and efficiency. The clinic remained fully functional during construction, which made this a challenging project. We phased the design to allow construction to be completed in two phases.  This allowed the clinic to remain open and serve patients throughout the renovation process, which met the client’s aggressive schedule.

Square Feet: 24,325

Construction Cost: $1,638,316

Waiting room with side tables and green chairs at Presbyterian Clinic at San Mateo. Workstations with gray desks and green chairs. Conference room with black chairs and a blue accent wall at the Presbyterian Clinic at San Mateo. Exam room with an exam table and a white sink and grey desk. Exam room with a white counter and a gray exam cushion table. Nurse receptionist area with blue chairs and white walls and gray flooring. Nurse receptionist desk with a female nurse sitting at a desk overlooking the three exam room doors. Triage cubicle with a teal chair and blood pressure monitor on stand by. Front lobby check-in with green chairs in each cubicle.  Check-in desk with the receptionists on the computer. Check-in cubicles with teal chairs and a waiting area to the left with green chairs and pictures hanging on the wall. modern style lobby with a green accent wall and green chairs.

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