Hodgin Hall was originally completed in 1892, and was the first building constructed on the University of New Mexico campus and the University’s only building for almost a decade. The Design Group was asked to restore the building to house UNM’s Alumni Association and extensive University history collection. The revitalization project included designing new meeting spaces, installing specialty display and library casework, constructing modifications and upgrades to the kitchenette and break room areas, refinishing original wood floors and interior doors, installing new toilets to meet code requirements, upgrading existing electrical systems, new lighting throughout the building, new data systems throughout building, upgrading existing fire protection system (sprinklers + alarms) to conform to code for revised meeting room configuration and renovating Fire Protection system to conceal piping within spaces.

All of the included scope of work had to be completed in a historically sensitive way to maintain Hodgin Hall’s integrity as a landmark building on the historic registry.

Square Feet: 17,600
Construction Cost: $1,400,000

HodginHall3_NEW HodginHall1_NEW

HH8 Hodgin Hall



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