In 2009, The Hartman + Majewski Design Group was retained by the City of Albuquerque to determine development potential for an enhanced Transit Oriented Development in Albuquerque’s Uptown area. Thorough analysis of the existing Uptown transit center site and an adjacent available site was undertaken, including market potential and potential of built environment opportunities. The Design Group team generated options for development that would, under the proper economic conditions, maximize the potential of each site for a vibrant, revenue generating transit center. Each site was additionally studied for how it could be a catalyst for surrounding development, using a combination of public and private funding sources. When proper economic conditions prevail, the ultimate mix of transit center, parking, retail, office, and residential components of the designs can be delivered to interested parties for potential future property development.

Square Feet: 3.6 acre tract
Construction Cost: Not Applicable

Uptown_4_NEW Uptown_3_NEW

Uptown_2_NEW Uptown_1_NEW

Uptown_5 Uptown_6_NEW

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