Desert Willow Family School Phase Two is a testament to APS’ continuous support of an alternative, award-winning educational program. Phase Two is an addition to the original Desert Willow Family School located in an existing neighborhood on a landlocked site. The project design commenced eight years after completion of the original school with the intent to make it appear as one cohesive campus. Details were kept consistent with the original campus and materials were matched as closely as possible to ensure a seamless transition between existing and new construction.
The project included the addition of six classrooms as well as an art room. Moreover, the program included the construction of a dual-purpose lecture space, used both for student lectures for the upper grades and parent training to support their students at home. Additionally, the project included the creation of a common space; this space supports the functionality of the program and relieves some of the overlap that was occurring within the multipurpose space. This now allows for focus on theatrical performances and productions that are integral to the curriculum at Desert Willow Family School. Additionally, the Commons allows for a food distribution room, as the school does not have a kitchen.

Square Feet: 13,032
Cost: $3,347,902

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