To meet the needs of the Bernalillo County Metropolitan Court, the H+M Design Group was selected to design a new 4th floor courtroom with supporting holding cell, jury deliberation room, kitchenette, restroom, judge’s chamber and private restroom. The shell for this courtroom including public corridor and restrooms were designed and constructed under previous H+M Design Group projects. The design for courtroom 420 is the result of a continued need for additional space to accommodate the increase in cases heard by the presiding judges. Modifications to the prototypical courtroom design were required to allow for 12 jury members so that the courtroom could be flexible for use by grand jury cases. Additionally, the design allowed for appropriate accessibility for the public and jury members, as well as upgraded security and safety items such as bullet resistant materials. The design required additional coordination efforts due to changes in court security and new audio-visual needs. Coordination and selection of materials and finishes consistent with the adjacent courtrooms was imperative and critical to this project’s success.

Square Feet: 2,562

Construction Cost: $905,000


Hallway of the Bernalillo County Metropolitan Court - 4th Floor Courtroom 420. White hallway with redwood trim and white walls and a checkered marble floor. Two men in a large white hallway with redwood pillars and marble checkered floors. Inside a courtroom with redwood short rail separating the audience from the court official area. Interior of a courtroom with two podiums facing the judge stand and the Great Seal of New Mexico on the all. Wide shot of the courtroom with two podiums facing the judge and jury seats in the background. View of the courtroom from the witness stand facing a podium and jury bench. hallway view of the detainee area with the doorway showing a podium. Admin office with red wooden color executive and computer desk with a black leather chair and multicolored pattern floor. Private conference room with an elongated table and black chairs tucked in.


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