The new Laguna Community Health Center is the Pueblo of Laguna’s first community-based health center, centrally located to service all the Pueblo’s villages.

The health center was envisioned and designed to create a one stop shop for patient needs.  Equally important to the client was that the new health center function as a hub for their greater community. This overlapping use of the building further supports the vision of the project to create a facility that promotes wellness within the community.  Including the community in the design process while being aware of cultural needs and traditions was critical to project success.

Design considerations included understanding the site and environmental conditions and featuring traditional medicinal plants in the landscape. Local pottery motifs were included in metalwork and tile patterns and opportunities for the display of local artwork throughout the facility were incorporated. There is a connection, both visually and physically, to the outside. Courtyard areas are accessed from the waiting and community room that allow for private phone calls and respite from stressful moments. Careful placement of the community room off the lobby and adjacent to the waiting areas allows for afterhours use without compromising clinic security.

The Pharmacy and Laboratory are directly connected to the waiting area at the front of the facility to provide easy access to patients and to minimize travel distance for Elders. Clinical areas, such as exam rooms, telemedicine, and x-ray, are designed for current technology and to allow for future innovations and flexibility of use. A provider hub within the patient care area supports interconnection between all providers. Private physician landing rooms are also provided for calls and consultation with off-site caregivers.

The Laguna Community Health Center has been providing services to patients since February of 2021 and has become an integral resource to the Pueblo of Laguna community. Additionally, this project is on track to be certified LEED Gold.

Square Feet: 15,150

Constriction Cost: $6,566,857


Exterior of Laguna Health Center.Wide view exterior of Lagune Health Center.Night shot of Laguna Health Center. Wide view night shot of Laguna Health Center Main lobby inside Laguna Health Center.Front desk at Laguna Community Health Center.Close-up shot of the main front lobby. Front interior entrance of the Laguna Community Health Center.Conference room at Laguna Community Health CenterService desk in Laguna Community Health Center.Employee break room.Laguna Community Health Center Exam room.Laguna Health Center waiting room. Pediatrics doctor room at Laguna Community Health Center.Urgent care room at Laguna Community Health Care.


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