Nor-Lea Hospital in Lovington, New Mexico has experienced significant growth over the last several years. To support this growth, they embarked on a master planning process to phase their growth intentionally and to best meet the healthcare needs of their community. In 2019, a Radiation Oncology Addition was added to their existing cancer center campus. The 7,195 square foot addition enhances the existing cancer center by providing radiation oncology services and other specialized care.

Receiving care while fighting cancer can be a stressful experience, so several elements within the design were created to help patients relax and provide a welcoming environment. Some of those design elements included large scale, customized images of plants and nature to create a soothing environment. Through research, the H+M Design Group Team found that nature has a calming effect on people, and these images create a tranquil space for patients. Also, easier access to the existing Healing Garden was provided.

Tunable lighting within the procedure rooms was installed that can change color and increase or decrease in intensity. The patients are given the choice of what colors they prefer, providing them with a sense of agency. The ceiling, which the patient views when they are lying on their back during treatment, generates starry lighting patterns. Along with the color and tone adaptations, these lighting innovations can replicate the circadian rhythms for patients, an important consideration for these lengthy procedures.

Soft finishes were designed and installed throughout the facility, typically in the form of natural wood patterns and materials. This promotes relaxation for both patients and staff by creating a home-like environment versus a sterile medical environment.

Ultimately, the newly designed Radiation Oncology Addition allows for advanced cancer care in a community that previously required ailing patients to travel out of the area to receive this type of specialized treatment.

Square Feet: 7,195

Constriction Cost: $8,505,878




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